Working with your new marketing team couldn’t be easier.

Hiring a marketing team should never feel like yet another responsibility you have to manage.

We strive to represent your company, marketing goals, and your relationship with your customers as autonomously as possible, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Introducing Your Team

Whether you just need a bit of content written, a new email campaign, some social media or a full-blown marketing strategy, it’s going to be one smooth ride — all because of this person:

Meet your Project Manager

Your Project Manager is your new Go-To person, your pivot point, your liaison between you and your entire Line6 team.

Your Project Manager will make it their mission to understand your brand, goals and pain points as fully and completely as possible to act on your behalf in our virtual office.

In turn, they will also communicate with members of our team and relay important information back to you in a clear, cohesive manner. No gigantic email threads, gaps in communication — no nonsense.

This style of operation is not only a benefit to you, but a huge time saver for us, allowing us to complete your projects quickly, professionally and accurately.

When it’s time to present our work to you, your project manager acts as our final quality control point — meaning you’ll only be asked to approve deliverables that are ready for two big thumbs up.

Content Writers

All of our seasoned writers are native English speakers and are assigned to accounts based on their areas of expertise. All of our content is 100% original and free of plagiarism.


Our team of Graphic and Web Designers put a strong emphasis on giving your audience a beautiful and intuitive experience interacting with your brand.


Whether crafting an intuitive email autoresponder, or mapping out your full inbound marketing plan, we approach every new account with a custom strategy.


From helping you develop a new Digital Product to learning more about your audience or fleshing out details in the content we produce, we couldn’t get far without our amazing research team.

Our Process

Getting to know you…

Every new account begins with a simple yet thorough on-boarding process. Comprised of a to-the-point questionnaire that you can fill out in your own time or over the phone with your project manager, as well as a follow up call to clarify any gaps that may hinder us from fully understanding your brand and marketing goals.

Your finalized marketing plan.

In our experience, new or better opportunities come to light after our on-boarding process is complete, which is why we usually revise any plans based on our original conversations at this stage.

Making sure that we have a clear path forward, before we begin, ensures a speedy process and a final product you’ll love.

Your Timeline

The timeline we create for you and the work we’re doing is one of the most important documents we create. You’ll know exactly when to expect check-points that require your attention and when your new marketing plan will be ready to launch.

Build-Out, Test & Launch

Once everything is finished and you’ve had a chance to give us the go-ahead, we move swiftly into implementing the work, testing the functionality and turning everything live.

Let’s have a chat!

Click here to schedule a time to chat with us. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have at this stage.