Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

If this is all new terminology to you, these two bucket categories of marketing are probably already quite familiar to you.

Simply put, Outbound Marketing is a marketing strategy that involves “Chasing” your prospective customers — typically through Google AdWords or some other PPC (Pay Per Click) method of exposing your brand or product to a new audience. In other words, we’re talking about Advertising.

Inbound Marketing can be viewed as a method of “Attracting” your prospective customers and building strong relationships with your existing customers.

What Inbound Looks Like

On a surface level, you’ve seen this in the way companies manage their social media channels, create engaging online content, design beautiful websites, or stay connected with you through email or SMS.

Beyond that, these efforts work together to build the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strength of your website, meaning more prospective customers will find you organically through search queries — as well as increasing the likelihood of repeat business and of your customers recommending your product or service to their own personal network.

Which Is Better?

Both Inbound and Outbound marketing methods have their value. Most CMOs or Marketing Directors put together a strategy that involves both.

If you’re running a business with a more limited marketing budget, it’s important to understand that Outbound Marketing is expensive, and always will be, but — depending on your goals — may result in a faster ROI (Return on Investment).

Inbound Marketing may seem somewhat costly in the beginning compared to your immediate ROI — again, depending on your goals and where you’re starting from. However, unlike Outbound Marketing, typically your Inbound costs will remain static while your sales and customer base increase.

How We Build Your Strategy

While Line6Marketing is, predominantly, an Inbound Marketing company, our first priority is always what is best for your business and marketing goals.

If it seems that a cross-strategy will be most effective for your marketing goals, timeline and budget, we will suggest an element of Outbound Marketing tactics and are happy to help you in this area as well.

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